New Higher Education Program Provides Financial Assistance for Living Expenses to Citizens

Date: September 11, 2023

The journey toward academic success can be expensive and stressful. The newly- launched Chickasaw Nation Student Support Program offers funding to help cover costs of living for Chickasaw citizens and part-time Chickasaw employees pursuing their education in college or career technology programs. Students can use this general financial assistance to help overcome financial stressors that may affect their grades and education, including housing, utilities, transportation, living expenses and tutoring services each semester. 

Eligible Chickasaw citizens include those enrolled at two- or four-year online, private, state or nationally accredited universities, colleges, career technology centers, trade schools or other licensing or certification training facilities.  

Funding may be awarded once each fall and spring semester. To apply for financial assistance, a variety of documents may be requested such as proof of enrollment, transcripts, income verification or non-income statement, housing verification, utility bills or other applicable forms. 

The application deadline for the fall semester is Jan. 1. Apply now at