Agent – Casting Director Seminar/Workshop

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This two-hour seminar prepares adults and parents of children interested in acting for film and television for the process of finding an agent and beginning their acting career. Each seminar is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

Workshops are available to the public.

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Program Details

Since people have become interested in acting in film projects it is imperative that they become knowledgeable about how to find a reputable agent and what legitimate casting directors can and cannot do, seminars are offered throughout the year that instruct participants on how one finds a reputable agent and what casting directors can and cannot do.

This seminar/workshop is for parents who want their children to be cast in commercials, television programs and videos, as well as for other interested adults. Questions from participants are encouraged throughout the seminar.

Topics covered in the seminar are: what is a casting agent, why you need a talent agent, what are the differences between the two, the different types of headshots an actor needs, how acting resumes are different from business resumes, and how to read a contract.

This seminar is approximately two hours. Each seminar is limited to a maximum of 30 participants and is held in the black box theatre of the arts and humanities division building. Once a seminar fills a wait list is established.

At the end of the seminar students are asked to complete an evaluation form.


Arts & Humanities (Abney)

Ada, Oklahoma 74820