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Chickasaw Youth Storytelling Workshop

The Chickasaw Youth Storytelling Workshop is a nine-day workshop structured to teach Chickasaw children ages 10-13 the art of storytelling.

Learning the tools of storytelling can improve language skills such as vocabulary, diction, sequencing, comprehension, story structure and recall.  These skills will enhance a Chickasaw student’s writing and listening skills, thereby, creating self-confidence.  Storytelling stimulates imagination, creates a love of story that translates into a potentially lifelong love of books and a better connection to the human race.

Through designed activities the Chickasaw students will learn about the traditions of storytelling in the Chickasaw culture, such as how passing historic accounts from one generation to the next evolved differently in Chickasaw culture than in European-based societies.  Oral tradition prevailed as the means of preserving history in the Chickasaw culture.  By word-of-mouth and over centuries, Chickasaw ancestors have conveyed the historic accounts that they felt most important for future generations to know.  Chickasaws maintained the inner qualities that defined them as people through their oral history.  Continuing this tradition is as important to tribal well-being as genetic proliferation.  By passing on these stories and accounts to succeeding generations, the Chickasaw Nation's cultural survival is ensured.

On the final day of the workshop each student will participate in a story concert and share stories they have learned, such as a traditional story, a story from another culture, and/or a personal story he/she wrote. 

You Provide

  • Chickasaw citizenship card or certificate


  • Must be a Chickasaw citizen eight to 13 years-old

Service Area

Chickasaw Nation Residents

This service is available inside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries

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