Homeownership Programs

The Homeowners Program allows for the new construction of homeownership units in accordance with the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (1996). (NAHASDA)

Required forms are available at the above address. A background check on all family members 18 years of age and older is required.

An applicant can expect to find out within 10 business days if he/she qualifies after completing the application process. This service is restricted to a 12-county service area: Bryan, Carter, Garvin, Grady, Jefferson, Johnston, Love, McClain, Marshall, Murray, Pontotoc and Stephens counties.

You Provide:

  • CDIB/Citizenship Card for applicant
  • Social Security cards of all household members
  • Income verification of all household members
  • Appraisal on owned property when applicable


  • Native American with a Chickasaw preference
  • Low income (80% or lower U.S. Median Income)
  • No outstanding debt owed to the housing division or to the Chickasaw Nation
  • No engagement in drug-related criminal activity
  • $20,000 asset limitation

Other Information:

'37' Homeowners Program (Existing Mutual Help)
The '37' Homeowners Program provides for the enforcement of existing MHOA (Mutual Help Occupancy Agreements).  It operates in accordance with NAHASDA existing MHOAs and current policies and procedures to ensure that the units remain as current assisted stock and affordable in the manner of the original intent of the Mutual Help Program.

'98' Homeowners Program
The '98' Homeowners Program allows for the reassignment of '37' Homeowners Program. 


Pride in Homeownership Program
The pride in homeownership program is an incentive program to recognize and reward participants in the homeowners programs for their efforts in maintaining their home and yard.  The contest runs from May through August.  The Chickasaw Nation is divided into three regions for the contest.  Participants enter the contest by contacting a housing representative.  Each month two winners from each region receive a free month's rent as the "Legislator's Award".  In addition, a winner is chosen each month from the recipients of the "Legislator's Award" to receive the "Lt. Governor's Award," which is a $50 gift certificate.  At the conclusion of the contest, a grand prize winner is chosen from the recipients of the "Lt. Governor's Award" to receive the "Governor's Award," which is a $250 gift certificate.


Program Requirements
Active Mutual Help Occupancy Agreement/Homeowners Opportunity Program Agreement


Service Area

Chickasaw Nation Residents

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Contact Information

(580) 421-8800

(580) 421-8885

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P.O. Box 788
Ada, Oklahoma 74821


Housing Administration

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Last Updated: 07/27/2016