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Office of Career Services

The Office of Career Services works to assist Chickasaw citizens in preparation of employment and provides guidance for those searching for quality positions in the workplace. Career services provides individuals with the Oklahoma Career Information System (OKCIS) program, which is an internet-based program used to assist individuals with career planning and educational information.

You Provide

  • CDIB
  • Income verification
  • Social Security card
  • Photo identification
  • Address verification

Other Information

The Office of Career Services offers a wide variety of job-readiness classes. The following is a list of training classes offered:

Résumé Development - Assist clients with writing an eye-catching résumé. A résumé is a summary of your education and employment history.

Cover Letter Development - The cover-letter is attached to the résumé. It provides details that may not be included in the résumé.

Follow-up Letter Development (Thank-you Letters) - Assist clients with follow-up letters, while résumés and cover letters get the attention, thank-you notes often get results. When used properly, thank-you notes can help create a positive impression with employers.

Interviewing Skills - Assist clients with the necessary skills to help relieve some of the nervousness in the interview (how to dress for specific interviews, how to answer the toughest interview questions, how to negotiate salary, how to communicate to employers, etc.).

Job Retention - Practicing self-assessment, meeting employer expectations, working with others, being a team player, accepting positive and negative feedback, accepting and handling responsibility, etc.

Career Counseling - Administer interest inventory and aptitude tests that assist clients with deciding what area of job training would best fit them.

Job Clubs - Conduct a two-day career readiness class that provides the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to gain and maintain employment.

OKCIS- Oklahoma Career Information System, an internet based tool to assist individuals with career planning and other occupation related needs including financial aid information.

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Service Area

Chickasaw Nation Residents

This service is available inside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries

Contact Information

(580) 436-7294

(580) 310-6458

Last Updated: 12/7/2017