Visit our COVID-19 Information pages for details regarding the coronavirus as it relates to the Chickasaw Nation.
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Press Release

Release Date: August 13, 2020

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

In an effort to ensure Chickasaw citizens are safe, informed and culturally fulfilled during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chickasaw Nation offers an assortment of remote resources.

Citizens can find up-to-date information, educational material, cultural connection and recreational fulfillment, all easily accessed online. Most of these resources can be found at and

Below is a list of Chickasaw resources grouped by area of need serviced.

For your health

Virtual Medical Visit

Virtual medical visit enables convenient health care access to patients who may be at risk for COVID-19 infection. Virtual visits are available to patients who are not able to travel to the provider for specific non-life-threatening injuries or ailments.

Patients with minor symptoms can access health care through internet-based technology. Use the Chickasaw Nation Virtual Medical Visit service for access to physician appointments from the comfort of your home or office.

Using the Mend app, virtual visits offer a web-based audio/video telecommunication physician-patient appointment service available to patients with certain symptoms.

Chickasaws (and other American Indians) living in Oklahoma with an active chart at any Chickasaw Nation Department of Health facility and experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 are welcome to participate in a virtual medical visit with the Chickasaw Nation. Symptoms include fever, persistent, dry cough, and shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. Virtual visits are intended for those with mild symptoms and not requiring immediate medical intervention. Those experiencing severe difficulty breathing should seek local medical care immediately.

Normal virtual visits are still available for rashes, sinus pressure, sprains and strains.

The hours of operation for virtual visits is 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Follow these steps: Call the virtual visit number at (580) 272-2776 or (866) 610-7776. Answer eligibility and triage questions. After receiving an email or text link to the Mend app, download for an appointment. Patient/provider appointments occur via mobile device or computer for diagnosis and treatment.

Chickasaw Nation Refill Center

Chickasaw citizens, their spouses and other American Indian tribal citizens and members can be mailed their prescriptions through the Chickasaw Nation Refill Center. For medication refills, email, or call (855) 478-8725 or (580) 421-8721.

Chickasaw WIC Supplemental Nutrition Program

WIC services are available over the phone at (855) 559-0985. The Chickasaw Nation Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, is a non-discriminatory program serving all eligible applicants, which provides pregnant or postpartum women, infants and children up to the age of 5 nutritious foods at no charge.

Connecting our community – Fitness & wellness, home & kitchen

“Connecting our Community” videos – available at the top of – are a great way to learn more about the Chickasaw Nation and its efforts to keep citizens informed and entertained. The videos share information about a variety of topics from health and wellness to cultural and cooking resources. Check back often as new videos are added weekly.

The “fitness & wellness” batch of videos offers conversations about physical and mental health and feature workout tips for all ages as well as ways to stay mentally fit while at home. Videos have so far addressed issues like mental health, grief, depression and general wellness.

Looking for new recipes and ways to spruce up your home? Healthy meals and treats for the whole family, tips for home maintenance and more, are available with the “home & kitchen” videos.

To stay informed

COVID-19 Resources is a web page serving as a centralized hub for all COVID-19 information from the Chickasaw Nation.

On this page you will find CDC standards, guidelines and live updates, an assortment of COVID-19 resources, a list of Chickasaw Nation closings and cancellations, updates from Chickasaw Nation programs, CNTV News, and links to more information from the World Health Organization, among other resources.

The Chickasaw Nation and the Oklahoma State Department of Health are actively monitoring COVID-19, which is impacting countries around the world. They are working alongside partners at the local, state and national levels to actively prepare and provide safe environments for Chickasaws, employees, the public and patrons of tribal facilities and businesses. is a reliable online spot to stay up to date.

Social media updates

The Chickasaw Nation is providing updates via social media. Search for “Chickasaw Nation” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find and follow the Chickasaw Nation’s social media pages.

Digital newsletter

Chickasaw citizens can sign up for and receive informational newsletters via email at It is a reliable option to stay connected and receive important information from the Chickasaw Nation. Subscriptions can be canceled any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Connecting our community – Medical news

To hear health experts talking about the latest and most up-to-date medical news and updates, check out the “medical news” section of “Connecting our community” available at the top of There you can view video interviews with Chickasaw Nation doctors, nurses and health employees on the continued efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Videos have so far discussed a survivor’s story, COVID-19 testing and safety tips for shopping.

To teach and learn

The following educational and cultural resources are gathered for convenience on the web page

Chickasaw Nation Curriculum

The Chickasaw Nation offers a set of curricula for educators to teach in their classrooms, though these resources are just as available to families in their living rooms. The provided curricula uncover Chickasaw history, culture and traditions. Each curriculum is aligned with the Oklahoma Academic Standards as outlined in the Oklahoma State Department of Education's 2014 Social Studies guide.

Lessons are arranged by grade level, including elementary and secondary. Topics include Chickasaw pre-Removal, Removal, Indian Territory government, Natchez Trace, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Battle of Hikki’ya’ (Ackia) and the history of Chickasaw entrepreneurship.

Historical figures are also explored, including Piominko, Payamataha, Tishominko, Douglas H. Johnston, Carl Albert and Overton James.

Streamable documentaries are also incorporated into the curriculum with the “First Encounter” and “Bearer of the Morning: The Life of Te Ata Thompson Fisher” lessons.

Chickasaw Kids

Parents or caregivers using time at home to continue a child’s learning need look no further than for a connection to Chickasaw language and culture. is an interactive children’s site featuring history, culture, recipes, language, games and more.

At the website, you can print coloring sheets featuring Chickasaw Nation landmarks, take a virtual tour of the Chickasaw White House, and meet the Chickasaw Kids characters, Nashoba, Ofi and Pakali’.

Chickasaw Language Basics App

The Chickasaw Language Basics app is the first of its kind to be developed by a tribe or nation. The app features hundreds of Chickasaw words, phrases, songs and videos. Chickasaw Language Basics can be downloaded for free at or accessed on an Android mobile device or internet at

Get Fresh! Cooking Classes

The Get Fresh! program is brought to you by the Chickasaw Nation and USDA. promotes healthy eating habits and cooking techniques through cooking demonstrations, nutrition education and wellness information. Get the kids involved in cooking with kid-friendly recipes, including pizza crackers, grilled cheese rollups and cinnamon chips.

Rosetta Stone Chickasaw

Make a deeper connection with the Chickasaw heritage and take your speaking skills to the next level with Rosetta Stone Chickasaw.

Developed in conjunction with native Chickasaw speakers, Rosetta Stone Chickasaw features 120 lessons that allow you to study at your own pace and learn conversational Chickasaw phrases that can be incorporated into daily life.

Rosetta Stone Chickasaw lessons are also available on mobile devices. If you are new to Rosetta Stone Chickasaw, visit to register and begin your journey.

App downloads are available for Apple and Android devices.

Culture and Humanities YouTube Channel

The Chickasaw Nation Department of Culture and Humanities has launched a YouTube channel by the same name to feature step-by-step video guides on how to make items of cultural significance to the Chickasaw people.

The first video upload is available now and covers Stickball Stick Creation (Kapochcha’ itti’ ikbi’). Subscribe to discover and create more traditional items preserved by Chickasaws for generations.

Connecting our Community – Youth & family, Chickasaw culture

To watch videos with stories, family engagement, and lessons about the Chickasaw Homeland and history, visit the “youth & family” and “Chickasaw culture” sections of “Connecting our community” available at the top of Available videos explore topics like regalia, language, dance, art and music. You can listen to stories about the crayfish, the creation story, the red-headed woodpecker, as well as the duck and coyote, among others.

Additional resources

Citizens needing more information regarding tribal programs and services can call Chickasaw Nation Area Offices. Additionally, there are non-tribal resources which may be able to offer information, assistance and guidance.

Area office numbers

Ada, (580) 436-7256; Ardmore, (580) 226-4821; Duncan, (580) 470-2131; OKC, (405) 767-8971; Pauls Valley, (405) 207-9883; Purcell, (405) 527-4973; Sulphur, (580) 622-2888; and Tishomingo, (580) 371-9512.

Small business assistance

U.S. Small Business Administration for small business owners may be contacted at (800) 659-2955 or

State and federal assistance

Additional assistance may be available through or