Press Release

Release Date: October 18, 2023
by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press, the publishing imprints of the Chickasaw Nation, have announced four new titles released in the fall of 2023. These include “Otis W. Leader: The Ideal American Doughboy,” “Holmes Tuttle: His Life and Legacy,” “Brave Little Anoli” and “Chikasha Chahta’ oklaat wihat tanówattook,” which means “The Migration Story of the Chickasaw and Choctaw People” in Chickasaw.

In “Otis W. Leader: The Ideal American Doughboy,” author Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer explores Otis Leader’s time during and after the Great War (WWI) to construct an unprecedented war memoir, bringing to light an uplifting story in Leader’s own words of endurance, bravery and perseverance throughout unforgettable battles on the infamous Western Front.

Assigned to the First Division of the American Expeditionary Forces, Leader was chosen to represent the “Ideal American Doughboy,” and lived up to that title, earning honors like the Croix de Guerre, two Silver Stars, a Congressional Gold Medal and a Purple Heart, exemplifying idealism.

“Holmes Tuttle: His Life and Legacy” provides a literary testament to the man Holmes Tuttle (1905-1989) was at home and among family and the strength of his connections to his roots. Son of James “J.H.” Tuttle, namesake of Tuttle, Oklahoma, Tuttle was a Chickasaw entrepreneur who left Oklahoma at a young age. Tuttle established several successful automobile dealerships in California.

An astute businessperson, Tuttle served on some of the country’s major industrial, commercial and medical boards. Tuttle’s remarkable journey of success, influence and recognition led him into national politics and even the White House.

In 2012, Tuttle’s family compiled and published a tribute to his life and accomplishments, about which Chickasaw Press has been granted the privilege to republish.

The two remaining titles are new White Dog Press releases for young readers.

“Brave Little Anoli” was written by Gabriel Cannon with illustrations by Chris Wallace. This children’s title follows Anoli as she embarks on the adventure home after becoming lost in the forest. With help from the White Dog and other woodland friends, Anoli travels through the woods while learning about Chickasaw language, culture and a healthy lifestyle.

Featuring a Chickasaw language glossary, health term glossary and other family resources, “Brave Little Anoli” serves as a great tool for readers of all ages to learn about the world of health and nutrition, both in the classroom and at home.

“Chikasha Chahta’ oklaat wihat tanówattook” (The Migration Story of the Chickasaw and Choctaw People), allows readers of all ages to learn of the sacred Chickasaw Migration Story as they follow the journey of Chiksa’ and Chahta.

Featuring colorful illustrations by Lauren John, this book introduces “The Nannoli’ (Story) Series.” These are a line of titles that will combine the Chickasaw traditions of language and storytelling. Published in a double-sided book style, the series allows readers to read through a traditional Chickasaw story in Chikashshanompa’ (the Chickasaw language), flip the book upside down and then read back through the same story in English.

The Chickasaw Press was created in response to the basic need of the Chickasaws to own their history. Established as an entity of the Chickasaw Nation in 2006, the Chickasaw Press is the first tribal publishing entity of its kind.

While the Chickasaw Press focuses on scholarly and nonfiction works, White Dog Press allows the Chickasaw Nation to further share the history, culture and experiences of the Chickasaw people through literary categories such as historical fiction, children’s books, young adult literature, how-to books, travel writing and other categories.

For more information about the Chickasaw Press or upcoming fall releases, visit or call (580) 436-7282.