One Tribe One Mission Philosophy

We Celebrate Four Qualities:

  • Working together to function as one solid unit;
  • Utilizing my talents and skills for the betterment of the team;
  • Being dependable, accountable and responsible.


  • Being consistently honest, truthful and accurate in my actions;
  • Holding myself to the highest standard in all I say and do;
  • Keeping my word.


  • Being an inspiration to those around me;
  • Positively influencing others to accomplish our goals and objectives;
  • Setting an example for others with my attitude, character and work ethic.


  • Striving to surpass ordinary standards;
  • Aspiring to learn more, do better, reach higher and be greater;
  • Always doing my best.

The Chickasaw Nation is greatly trusted upon by Chickasaw citizens. We are trusted to carry out the daily business and operations needed to ensure the longevity of the tribe. Soon after Governor Anoatubby was elected in 1987, the tribe went to work establishing a mission, vision and core values to guide and remind each employee and department of their overarching purpose.

These governing principles are vital to the tribe, employees and the citizens whom we serve. While the Chickasaw Nation has evolved since that time, our guiding principles remain the same. Each employee, program, department and division works to enhance the overall quality of life of the Chickasaw people.

We all work to fulfill our mission in a variety of ways. Some employees directly serve citizens each day, with face-to-face interaction, while others indirectly serve by providing quality work to ensure our programs, services and businesses operate smoothly. Though our titles, job descriptions and daily objectives differ, all Chickasaw Nation employees must respect the same core values, work toward the same mission and must be committed to the same vision.

Together, with confidence and purposefulness, we can do many great things. We have the ability to greatly impact lives with our servant attitude and commitment to excellence. We work as a team, overcoming obstacles by doing the right things for the right reasons. “Can Do” is a value by which we conduct daily business and service.

History has shown us to be resolute, never waning in the justness of the cause. Our nation has seen prosperous growth and development, thanks to these deeply rooted principles and values.

Together, we remain One Tribe with One Mission.