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Chickasaw Nation Curriculum

The Chickasaw Nation offers a set of curriculums for educators to teach in their classrooms. The provided curricula uncovers our deep history, culture and traditions. Each curriculum is aligned with the Oklahoma Academic Standards as outlined in the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s 2014 Social Studies guide. The following Oklahoma Academic Standards are to be used only as a basic guide. Other standards may be applicable that could be based on teacher’s own interpretation of the lesson material or ability/need to make a conceptual connection.

Title Grade Level Description Unit Source Lessons
The History of Chickasaw Entrepreneurship Elementary Secondary

This curriculum explores how our Chickasaw people utilized entrepreneurship to provide and strengthen the lives of our own, both before and after Chickasaw Removal from the Homeland.

3 Chickasaw Nation
Carl Albert and the Chickasaw Nation Elementary Secondary This curriculum discusses the impacts former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Carl Albert had on the Chickasaw Nation as it pertains to greater, quality access to health care. 3 Chickasaw Nation
Treaties between the Chickasaw Nation and the United States Secondary This curriculum identifies some of the treaties signed between the Chickasaw Nation and the United States. Each treaty represents a moment in time when Chickasaw leaders selflessly fought to preserve Chickasaw identity, culture and sovereignty. 4 Students

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