Chickasaw oral history and archaeology reveals information about our ancestors who entered our historic Homeland thousands of years ago. Aba' Binni'li' (Creator) led our ancestors to this land through the guidance of Itti' Fabassa' Holitto'pa' (Sacred Pole) and protection provided by Ofi' Tohbi' Ishto (Large White Dog). As our ancestors discovered this land, they encountered towering forests, dense canebrakes, open prairies, rolling hills and miles of meandering waterways which are part of present-day North Mississippi, Northwest Alabama, West Tennessee and Southwest Kentucky. Our ancestors connected to the land with such a strong spiritual tie that their presence can still be felt by our citizens who return to these areas.

Today, our citizens and the general public can visit and experience various sites located across our Homeland. Our historic Homeland is essential to the Chickasaw Nation and its ongoing efforts to interpret and share Chickasaw history and culture through preserving, protecting and reconnecting to land, waterways and vital cultural and historical sites of our ancestors. For more information, please contact the Heritage Preservation Division at (580) 272-1285 or HeritagePreservation@Chickasaw.net.


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