Chickasaw Princess Program

The princess program involves the selection of tribal royalty who serve as ambassadors for the Chickasaw Nation. Ambassadors of friendship and goodwill best describe the Chickasaw Nation Princesses. Traveling to more than 40 events across several states, these ambassadors bring honor and pride to the Chickasaw Nation.

The 2017-2018 Chickasaw Princesses with Governor Bill Anoatubby (left) and Lt. Governor Jefferson Keel (right).
The 2017-2018 Chickasaw Princesses:
  • Chickasaw Princess, Tiffany Postoak
  • Chickasaw Jr. Princess, Cydnee Miller
  • Little Miss Chickasaw, Olivia Worcester

Chickasaw Princesses are selected each year at the Chickasaw Princess Pageant during the Chickasaw Festival. The pageant is open to Chickasaw young women of one quarter blood quantum or more, between the ages of seven and 25. Young ladies compete to hold the title of Little Miss Chickasaw, Chickasaw Jr. Princess and Chickasaw Princess.

Presently the princesses' court is a full procession of smiling, glamorous Chickasaw young ladies. Names of cousins, sisters and aunts run familiarly across the genealogy of names of former princesses. For many, serving as Chickasaw princess has become a tradition.

The Chickasaw princesses will always have a vital role as ambassadors of the Chickasaw people.

You Provide:

  • CDIB and a Chickasaw citizenship card
  • Essay on “Why I Want to be Princess”
  • A 5x7 portrait


  • Must be at least one quarter Chickasaw and predominantly Chickasaw
  • Must reside within the Chickasaw Nation
  • Must meet age requirements
  • Must be single and never married
  • Must not have children
  • Must not cohabit before or during reign
  • Must be attending school or college
  • Must have traditional dress

Other Information:

  • Chickasaw Princess: Ages 17 – 25
  • Chickasaw Jr. Princess: Ages 12 – 16
  • Little Miss Chickasaw: Ages 7 – 11

Service Area

Chickasaw Nation Residents

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