Sick Child Care Program

Chickasaw Nation Residents

The sick child care promotes the health, safety and well-being of mildly ill children, who have contracted health issues such as upper respiratory illness, gastrointestinal disorders or other mildly contagious disorders. Students are accepted into the facility on a first come, first served basis when unable to attend school or daycare due to illness.

Participants must be age 12 or under. An LPN at the facility will complete a health assessment to see if the child can be cared for at the sick child care facility.

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  • A licensed nurse or sick child care staff member will complete a health assessment to see if the child can be cared for at the sick child care facility
  • Children 3 months – 12 years of age may attend
You Provide
  • Immunization record (if applicable)
  • CDIB or tribal enrollment information (if applicable)
  • A copy of Chickasaw Nation employee badge (if applicable)
  • Payment of fee (if applicable)
For information regarding application process, contact us.


(580) 559-0752
(580) 559-0762


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Program Details

The sick child care program provides a safe environment for mildly ill children to rest and recuperate. Licensed nurses and teachers care for students who have contracted minor illnesses in a child care setting. Examples of minor illnesses include:

  • Upper respiratory illness
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Other mildly contagious illnesses

The facility does not accept students who have contracted influenza or COVID-19.

For the safety of staff and students, a health assessment must be completed over the phone with a nurse prior to arrival. Assessments are made when the facility opens at 7:30 a.m. each business day. Students are accepted into the program on a first-come, first-served basis. Classrooms are categorized by illness to minimize the spread of contagions. Children are overseen by licensed nurses and sick child care staff.

Fees must be paid at drop-off. Exact cash required.

Fee Schedule

  • Chickasaw Nation Child Development Center participants: No Fee
  • Chickasaw citizen/Employee: $6
  • Chickasaw Nation Head Start/Preschool student: $6
  • Public/Other First Americans: $28

For more information or to complete an over-the-phone health assessment for your child, contact sick child care at (580) 559-0752.



Sick Child Care Facility

Ada, Oklahoma 74820