Youth Services Clothing Grant

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The youth services clothing grant program provides $350 annually to eligible Chickasaw students to purchase school clothes. Purchases are limited to clothing only.

Must be a Chickasaw citizen between ages 3 to 18.

See contact information, program details or locations.


  • Registered Chickasaw citizen
  • Ages three to 18 (through high school seniors)
  • Legal documents for custody, guardianship or adoption may be needed, if applicable.
Online Application
Required Forms and Documents


(580) 272-5585

Program Details

Applications for the youth services clothing grant are accepted June 1 - Dec. 31.

This program provides $350 to eligible Chickasaw students to purchase school clothes. Funding is provided through a VISA gift card once per school year and can be used for school clothing purchases only.

Other Information

Purchasing Guidelines

  • Purchases are limited to clothing only. Items that may be purchased include: dresses, shirts, shoes, boots, blouses, pants, shorts, capris, undergarments, school uniforms, jackets, coats, winter gloves, backpacks and belts.
  • Unapproved, non-clothing purchases include: groceries, makeup, jewelry, perfume, hair products, flip flops, tobacco, alcohol, swimsuits, cleats, sports equipment, ball caps and/or hats, etc.
  • All transactions are monitored for misuse or non-compliance. Grantees found in non-compliance will be placed on probation for the upcoming school year.
  • Prior to the next application period, all original receipts must be returned to the division of youth services, by mail or in-person. The first and last name of the student/child must be written on each receipt.
  • The Chickasaw Nation Division of Youth Services is absolved from any further responsibility of cards upon delivery to the grantee.
  • Ten dollars will be deducted for all replacement cards.

Application Process

  • Applications may be submitted online at
  • Applications may be submitted by mail to the Chickasaw Nation Division of Youth Services. Online submissions will receive processing priority. Mailed applications may take additional time to process.
  • Applications must be signed by a parent or guardian. If guardianship or custody has changed, please provide proper documentation with application.
  • Students possessing only a CDIB card should contact the Chickasaw Nation Citizenship office at (580) 436-7250.

Award Notification

  • Qualifying applicants will be notified with an award letter via the USPS.
  • A non-reloadable VISA card will be issued by mail.
  • The card must be activated upon receipt.


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