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Storytelling Programs

Passing accounts of our history from one generation to the next evolved differently in Chickasaw culture compared to European societies. Basic writing was used to mark territory and leave messages, but oral tradition prevailed as a way of preserving history. For centuries, Chickasaw ancestors have conveyed historical accounts they felt most important for future generations to know by word-of-mouth, making storytelling an essential ingredient in archiving information.

Thanks to the efforts of dedicated oral historians, visionary Chickasaw language speakers and their apprentices, new generations will learn the art of recounting the historical narratives that shaped their tribal culture. Chickasaw citizens are encouraged to continue the oral tradition of our people through these unique programs and services.

Storytelling Presentations

Chickasaws maintained the inner qualities that define them as a people through oral history. The Chickasaw Nation ensures cultural survival by passing on oral stories and accounts to succeeding generations. Through outreach, our storytellers continue this tradition by sharing our ancient stories with audiences upon request. Many storytelling events are open to the public. Storytelling presentations and concerts can also be performed at schools, various groups and organizations upon request.

Storytelling Apprenticeship Program

This program provides Chickasaw citizens the opportunity to become the next generation of traditional storytellers. Once accepted, apprentices will develop tools to establish a foundation for performance at monthly meetings and practice new skills through self-study. Mentors will assist apprentices in:

  • Stage presence
  • Captivating audiences
  • Learning stories
  • Scheduling performances
  • Question and answer discussions

Potential apprentices must have a strong commitment to the program and be willing to perform at storytelling events and concerts. Resumes and applications are accepted during enrollment periods, which will be announced at a later date.

You Provide:

  • Application
  • Resume


  • Chickasaw citizen
  • Ages 18 and up
  • Must be able to pass a background check

Service Area: Chickasaw Nation Residents In-Bounds

Digital Storytelling

Multimedia or “digital” storytelling classes are offered to demonstrate the importance of preserving personal family stories through the recording of audio and video media. Participants will learn how to create a short 5-10-minute story through basic software such as garage band and iMovie. Classes are offered during the spring and summer months. For more information, contact the storytelling program.


  • Chickasaw citizens
  • Ages 18 and up

Service Area: Chickasaw Nation Residents In-Bounds

Service Area

Chickasaw Nation Residents

This service is available inside the Chickasaw Nation's boundaries

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