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Chickasaw Nation Residents
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This program provides employment training services, including résumé development, and interviewing skills and helps participants obtain educational requirements such as the HSE. Services are available to individuals with employment barriers. Examples of barriers include limited work history, minor criminal charges or transportation needs. Eligible participants can work up to 40 hours a week and are considered full-time, temporary workers.

Applicants must be a Chickasaw citizen overcoming a barrier for employment.

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  • Must possess a barrier for employment

How to Apply

Call the career development services office to request an application by mail, or visit in person to apply.

You Provide
  • Social Security card
  • CDIB
  • Driver's license
  • Chickasaw citizenship card
Online Application
Required Forms and Documents


(580) 272-5085
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Program Details

The Chickasaw Nation Career Development Services program provides employment training services to individuals with employment barriers. Issues addressed through this program include weak work histories, minor criminal charges, child care, transportation and educational needs among others. CDI is a six-month transitional program for qualified Chickasaw citizens and helps to obtain full-time, permanent employment. Program participants can work up to 40 hours a week and are considered full-time, temporary workers.

Career counselors identify individual needs of participants in this program. On-the-job training is stressed, as well as training in the classroom environment. The program provides assistance in résumé development, interviewing skills and helps obtain proper preparation for educational requirements such as the GED. Participants can expect to develop an eye-catching résumé that will assist them in gaining a job interview and focus on educational and employment history.

Participants will learn the necessary skills to help relieve some of the nervousness in the interview process. This will include how to dress for specific interviews, how to answer the toughest interview questions, how to negotiate salary and how to communicate with employers.

Assistance will be given to those who qualify but are lacking proper documentation.