Special Education Program

Chickasaw Nation Residents, Chickasaws At‑large

This program provides free consultation and guided assistance to parents of Chickasaw children with special needs.

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  • Chickasaw citizens
  • Ages 3 to 18
  • Pre-K through 12th grade
  • Public or private school
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May include:

  • Parent(s) or guardian(s) contact information
  • Tribal affiliation
  • School and grade
  • IEP or Section 504 Plan information (if applicable)
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(580) 421-7711


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Program Details

Special Education Consultation Services

Certified special education professionals provide support and collaboration to parents and teachers in the child’s classroom environment. Parents receive a clear understanding of the child’s learning needs, strengths and challenges allowing parents to have a more informed approach to their child’s educational journey. Special education consultation supports positive academic relationships and learning environments for your child, helping them achieve their full potential in life beyond the classroom. By offering individualized academic and developmental strategies tailored to each student’s unique goals, each child’s personal learning style and abilities are considered, empowering them to thrive in the classroom.

The special education staff can meet with parents and caregivers in person, virtually or over the phone. Parents can also request and authorize certified professionals to contact the school and attend meetings as an advocate to bridge communication gaps on their child’s behalf, either in person or virtually.

Program staff can also connect parents and educators to available resources to create a sustainable and successful learning environment for their child during this collaboration process.

Through ongoing support and guidance, children and their parents grow, learn and achieve success together.


Douglas H. Johnston Building

Ada, Oklahoma 74820