Student Tutoring Assistance Program

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Application Available

This program provides high-quality tutoring services to students in a content specific, one-on-one virtual environment.

Applicants must be Chickasaw students in grades K-12 enrolled in a public, charter or accredited private school. Homeschool students may also apply.

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  • Chickasaw K-12 students enrolled in a public, charter or accredited private school
  • Chickasaw K-12 homeschool students will be considered upon review of current curriculum being used for student instruction
You Provide
  • Chickasaw citizenship card
  • Student Tutoring Assistance Program Application
  • Copy of student’s current report card or progress report
  • Proof of Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 and/or a completed Student Tutoring Assistance Referral from teacher or school official


(580) 421-7711
(580) 272-1224


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Program Details

Access to high-quality tutoring services through Varsity Tutors is available to K-12 Chickasaw students who demonstrate a need for additional academic support outside of traditional classroom instruction time.

With Varsity Tutors, Chickasaw students have access to classroom resources and instruction designed to assist learning in a content specific, one-on-one, virtual environment. Accredited instructors offer lessons for all learners through an interactive experience that will enrich and enhance traditional classroom instruction.

Participants approved to participate in the student tutoring assistance program receive a maximum of 20 credit hours per school year of virtual tutoring services in core academic areas such as language arts, math, science and history. Qualifying students can be enrolled in traditional education courses, Advanced Placement (AP) courses or concurrent enrollment courses.

Upon acceptance, parents will receive a phone call confirmation from a Varsity Tutors academic advisor for additional insights to better connect students with their tutors. Students will then receive a 5-credit hour trial run to ensure services with Varsity Tutors will meet their needs. Remaining credits will be distributed based on participant feedback from tutoring assistance staff.


Douglas H. Johnston Building

Ada, Oklahoma 74820