Acute Care

Chickasaw Nation Residents, Chickasaws At‑large

The Chickasaw Nation Medical Center Acute Care department serves patients who need supervised nursing care in an acute care setting, for example when recovering from surgery or from illness.

Must be a First American.

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You Provide
  • Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB)
  • Proof of enrollment in a federally recognized tribe
  • Driver’s license or state issued identification
For information regarding application process, contact us.


(580) 421-6262 (580) 272-1079
(580) 421-4515


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Program Details

The Chickasaw Nation Medical Center Acute Care department serves a variety of patients that are needing supervised nursing care, in an acute-care setting, recovering from surgery or from illness. Our 38-bed unit features private rooms with flat screen televisions for enhanced comfort, privacy and security.

Patients range from pediatrics to geriatrics, and are treated for a variety of illnesses and conditions including: respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiac, renal, orthopedic, gynecological and diabetic issues.

Our nursing staff has more 230 cumulative years of experience working with physicians, patients and families. With a continued focus on quality care and patient safety, our staff is committed to maintaining your health to ensure the Chickasaw Nation remains your first choice in health care.

Services provided by the Acute Care department require staff to possess a wide range of skills and knowledge encompassing pediatric, geriatric, acute and chronic disease processes, acute infectious disease processes, surgical, gynecological, obstetrical, diabetic and cardiac care.


Chickasaw Nation Medical Center

Ada, Oklahoma 74820