Diabetes Care Center

Chickasaw Nation Residents

The Diabetes Care Center provides education and medical treatment to prevent diabetes and complications associated with diabetes.

Applicants must have a CDIB or tribal citizenship card and an active medical chart at the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center. Additional eligibility requirements may apply.

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  • CDIB or tribal enrollment card
  • Active medical chart at the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center
  • Medical services are by appointment and require referral from a CNDH primary medical provider, same day clinic provider, or IHS provider; patients may not self-refer.
  • Inpatient medical management requires a physician order.
  • Home glucose monitoring equipment must be ordered by a medical provider.
  • Exercise and nutrition services require referral from a medical provider.
  • *All endocrinology and nephrology services are contract services and require Medisaw approval before and appointment can be made.
  • *Therapeutic shoes, custom-mold shoes, and orthotics are available only to patients who reside within the Chickasaw Nation Division of Health service area.
For information regarding application process, contact us.


(800) 851-9136 (580) 421-4532
(580) 421-4572


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Program Details

The Chickasaw Nation Diabetes Care Center provides education and medical treatment for the prevention of diabetes and complications associated with diabetes. Medical services are by appointment and require a referral from a Chickasaw Nation Department of Health primary medical provider, same-day clinic provider or Indian Health Services provider. Patients may not self-refer.

The comprehensive aspect of the clinic is what sets it apart. An endocrinologist, nurse practitioner, dietitian, exercise consultant, medical family therapist, pharmacist and dental hygienist are all on staff to meet the patient’s needs. With early detection and treatment, diabetes and its complications can be prevented or delayed.

Other Information

The diabetes care center offers the following programs and services:

Medical Services:
  • Intensive and routine management of diabetes and pre-diabetes
  • Management of gestational diabetes
  • Insulin pump management
  • Inpatient diabetes consultation and management
  • *Endocrinologist management of diabetes and other endocrine disorders three days per week
  • *Pediatric endocrinology every 2 months
  • *Nephrology once a month
Diabetes Prevention Program:
  • One year prevention program
  • Group sessions
  • Personal lifestyle coach
  • Family-oriented approach
  • Incentive program
  • Targets those at risk of Type 2 diabetes.
  • Goal of 7 percent weight loss.
  • Goal of increasing physical activity.
  • Biometric Screening, Journaling, Physical Activity Journaling
Educational Services:
  • Individual and group basic diabetes education
  • Individual and group comprehensive diabetes education (bi-weekly)
  • Distribution and instruction of home glucose monitoring equipment
  • Insulin self-administration instruction
  • "Health Choices": one-stop program for annual diabetes education and annual exams (weekly)
  • Inpatient assessment and education
Nutrition Services:
  • Individual and/or family nutrition counseling
  • Weight loss consultation
  • Group activities on site and in the community
  • Fully equipped teaching demonstration kitchen
  • Breastfeeding counseling
Exercise Services:
  • Supervised exercise facility
  • Exercise evaluation and body assessment
  • Individualized exercise prescription
Foot clinic:
  • Direct phone number: (580) 559-0510
  • Fax: (580) 272-1335
  • Diabetic foot screening
  • Comprehensive diabetes foot exam
  • Basic foot care
  • Callous, wound and ulcer care
  • *Therapeutic shoes
  • *Custom molded shoes
  • *Orthotics
Retinal imaging lab:
  • Dilated retinal photos
  • Visual acuity evaluation
  • Glaucoma screening
Dental lab:
  • Services available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Routine dental screening by hygienist
  • Comprehensive dental cleaning
  • Pre-natal education for mothers and infants
Behavioral Health:
  • Screening for depression
  • Grief counseling
  • Alcohol and tobacco counseling
Diabetes Research:
  • TODAY study - Treatment Options for Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents and Youth
  • Dr. Curt Harris, Endocrinologist - for youth ages 10-17.

The Chickasaw Nation Department of Health offers a variety of programs and services at several convenient locations throughout our 13-county jurisdiction. The Chickasaw Nation Medical Center (CNMC) is located in Ada, Oklahoma and outlying clinics are located in Ardmore, Durant, Purcell and Tishomingo.


Chickasaw Nation Medical Center

Ada, Oklahoma 74820