Private Driveway Repair / Construction

This program assists Chickasaw elders and families with special needs living within the Chickasaw Nation with the repair and/or construction of private driveways.

Required form is available at Roads Program office, Chickasaw Nation Senior Centers and Area Offices. An applicant will be notified within four weeks if he/she has qualified.

You Provide:

  • CDIB
  • Chickasaw citizenship card
  • Proof of ownership
  • Proof of income


  • 62 years and older or with special needs (such as a disability)
  • Must own property
  • No outstanding debt owed to the housing division or to the Chickasaw Nation
  • Low income (80% or lower U.S. Median Income)

Service Area

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Contact Information

(580) 272-5491

(580) 272-5468

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 788
Ada, Oklahoma 74821


Roads Department Building

1901 N. Broadway

Ada, Oklahoma 74820

(580) 272-5499

Last Updated: 07/6/2017