Played by men during colonial times, Chunkey continues to be popular game played among Chickasaws today.

Two men with poles that were 8 feet long and tapered at the end to pierce the ground would line up, usually with a crowd of spectators watching. One man would then roll a disc-shaped polished stone, beveled on each side, down the field. Once the disc was in motion rolling downward, the men would cast their poles toward the disc, as the stone would come to rest. The man who had thrown his pole closet to the disc gained a point. Two points were earned if the pole made contact with the disc.

Many chunkey stones were ornate in design and often owned by family clans and later, towns. Each town had a smooth chunkey yard, sometimes covered with packed sand, where the game was played. As time went on, men would play this game to settle peaceful disputes in place of war.

Modern Chickasaws enjoy playing Chunkey at annual events, including Chikasha Ittafama (Chickasaw Reunion) each spring.