Chipota Himitta' (Young Child) Program

Chickasaw Nation Residents
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The Chipota Himmita program teaches parents skills to raise healthy and happy children. Services include parenting education, help building support systems, child development screenings and transportation to center-based services.

Participants must be pregnant or have an infant under 6 months old.

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  • Pregnant women (minimum 12 weeks gestation)
  • Newborn babies up to six months (exceptions for babies up to 12 months)
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(580) 310-7900
Mailing Address:
720 Colony Drive, Ada, Oklahoma 74820


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Program Details

The Chipota Himitta' (Young Child) Program provides child development education and screening, support groups and home visits. The goal of the program is to improve the family support system, teach family members problem-solving skills, promote healthy child growth and development and promote positive parent-child relationships.

Chipota Himitta' provides community-based resources and support programs for Chickasaw families living in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.

Other Information

The Chipota Himitta' program provides an opportunity to teach parents the skills necessary to raise a healthy and happy child. The program is community-based and offers home visitation to families. The program is offered at no cost to the family. Instruction focuses on child health and development, parent-child interaction, parental goal-setting, use of community resources, nutrition, family budgeting and other areas to assist in creating a positive home environment.

Home visits are a key part of the Chipota Himitta' program. Family support workers give personal support during pregnancy and up to five years of the child's life. Activities provided by the support worker will involve all who participate in the care of the child. Support workers focus on personal health, environmental health, parenting skills and child development skills. Home visits may be once a week to every three months.

Families who enroll in the Chipota Himitta' program will receive the following services at no cost: parenting education, assistance with developing support systems, child development screenings and transportation to center-based services.


Offices for the Chipota Himitta'

Ada, Oklahoma 74820