The Chickasaw Nation has a rich tradition steeped in the arts. From Te Ata, an inspiring storyteller who shared Chickasaw culture with the world, to Ataloa, an enchanting Chickasaw singer of the past, the Chickasaws have always fostered the arts and their artists.

Today, the Chickasaw Nation is proud to call many wonderful and world renowned artists their own. From music composition and performance art to painting, sculpting and writing, Chickasaw artists excel in a number of both contemporary and traditional artistic forms of expression.

Many Chickasaw artists choose to articulate their artistic vision through their Chickasaw heritage, and traditional storytellers, potters, weavers and craftsmen still abound.

The study of the arts and humanities is necessary to the success of the Chickasaw Nation. The disciplines highlight the culture by expressing the beauty, strength, intelligence and spirit of the people and enhance the rich legacy of who Chickasaws were, who they are and who they will be.

The Chickasaw Nation Division of Arts & Humanities seeks to enrich the heritage of the Chickasaw Nation and its citizens by creating and developing awareness, understanding and enjoyment of Chickasaw visual, performing and literary arts.