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Aafolotaꞌ (Turning Point)

Aafolotaꞌ (Turning Point) is a program funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to provide outpatient substance abuse counseling to American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth. ...


Aalhakoffichí (A Place For Healing)

Aalhakoffichi’ “a place for healing,” serves Chickasaw, and other Native American, youth and their families in need of support and recovery services stemming from significant mental health, substance abuse and family relational issues.


Abstinence Education

The Office of Strong Family Development (OSFD) offers abstinence education and training for youth and family members. Abstinence education is offered to adolescents in local junior high and high schools, as well as through numerous youth development groups operating in South central Oklahoma. Abstinence remains the only 100% effective method of birth control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Chickasaw Nation Residents

After School Arts Program

The Chickasaw Nation Arts & Humanities Division After School Arts Program (ASAP), provides children ages eight to 12 an opportunity to explore and create through a variety of art processes. ...


Camp Survivor

Camp Survivor is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise in a fun and positive camp atmosphere. Campers can expect to experience a variety of activities such as swimming, horseback riding, climbing wall, canoeing, fishing, hiking and stickball. There will be tribal councils, team building activities and competitions. "Accept the Challenge" and join us for excitement, adventure and fun....


Champions Cheerleading Clinic

At this clinic, a team of Day of Champions cheerleading coaches will instruct Chickasaw students on motion, jumps, spirit, rhythm, health and fitness. The experience will include mentoring in the areas of hard work, trust, discipline and respect. Cheerleaders will be able to enhance their abilities and learn basic cheerleading fundamentals geared to their skill lev...


Champions Football Clinic

At this clinic, a team of veteran coaches and players teach students the fundamentals of football, teamwork and leadership skills. Highlights of the clinic include an 8-to-1 student-to-instructor ratio, offensive and defensive drills, flag football and a competition. On the last day of the clinic, the students may select one guest (e.g. father, mother, brother, uncle, cousin or friend) to join them for the games....


Chickasaw Arts Academy

The Chickasaw Arts Academy is an intensive set of sessions throughout the year that provide youth the opportunity to gain experience in several artistic fields....


Chickasaw Children's Village

This residential and educational care facility is available for Native American children. Sitting on 160 acres overlooking Lake Texoma, residents enjoy amenities that include a library, computer lab, agriculture education facility and recreational areas. The Children’s Village will provide Native American children with the opportunity for social, spiritual and personal development through professional guidance in a safe, nurturing environment. An emphasis is placed on educational needs. Designed...


Chickasaw Child Development Center

This program provides long-term positive differences in the lives of children by focusing on the total development of the child. The Chickasaw Nation Child Care Center is a year-round facility. The Center operates from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Center will be closed on holidays observed by the Chickasaw Nation. Prior notification will be given in the event of other closin...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Cultural Enrichment Family Camp

The camp is designed to promote the use of the Chickasaw language, culture and history within Chickasaw families. Camp activities include tours throughout the Chickasaw Nation, swimming, sports, storytelling and various other games and activities with primary instruction given in the Chickasaw language. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Humanities Youth Workshop

The Chickasaw Humanities Youth Workshop is a multifaceted, three-day course offered during the summer for Chickasaw youth ages 9-13. The workshop includes classroom lectures, interactive cultural activities, demonstrations and field trips to the Chickasaw Cultural Center and Chickasaw historical sites. This workshop bridges a cultural education gap for Chickasaw youth by providing a greater understanding of their culture through experience.

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Youth Academy

The Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Youth Academy provides an excellent opportunity for Native American youth to explore a career in law enforcement. Academy students will hear presentations from law enforcement personnel who understand the daily challenges faced within the tribal law enforcement community; and learn life skills such as: teamwork, communication, safety and crime prevention....

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Nation College Clothing Grant

The Chickasaw Nation College Clothing grant provides eligible Chickasaw students with a grant to purchase clothes. Clothing grants are available to Chickasaw college students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree, and will be provided in the form of a VISA gift card. Funds are to be used for clothing purchases only....

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Chickasaw Nation Inclement Weather Program

This Inclement Weather Program (IWP) provides child care for Chickasaw students and the children of Chickasaw Nation employees, when the Chickasaw Nation offices are open and schools are closed due to inclement weather. This program provides a safe and stable environment for children while the parent is at work. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Nation School of Piano

The Chickasaw Nation Arts & Humanities Division offers piano instruction ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Classes will meet weekly with a recital at the end of each class session. ...


Chickasaw Princess Program

The princess program involves the selection of tribal royalty who serve as ambassadors for the Chickasaw Nation. Ambassadors of friendship and goodwill best describe the Chickasaw Nation Princesses. Traveling to more than 40 events across several states, these ambassadors bring honor and pride to the Chickasaw Nation. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chickasaw Reading Program

The Chickasaw Reading Program is designed to assist children by providing books to encourage reading. ...


Chickasaw Youth Clubs

The Chickasaw Youth Club was established in December 1998 in the Chickasaw Nation’s historic capital city of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. ...

Chickasaw Nation Residents

Chikasha Pehlichi Ikbi

The Chickasaw Nation Chikasha Pehlichi Ikbi “Creating Chickasaw Leaders” is a youth leadership program providing members the opportunity to obtain leadership and cultural knowledge through a 10-month, age appropriate program, offering leadership, business and cultural development courses, and a variety of community service opportunities....


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